Photographer shares his birds-eye view

Photographer Mike Biden has spent the last 30 years enjoying the beauty of the Okanagan.

Photographer Mike Biden has spent the last 30 years enjoying the beauty of the Okanagan, and he’s spent the last five months capturing that beauty through a unique angle.

With the help of a Nikon D7000 camera and a Cessna 172 aircraft, Biden is sharing a birds-eye view with the Okanagan.

North Okanagan Above is Biden’s fourth book and features 80 pages of photographs for $20.

“It’s a real privilege to have a plane in Canada; the beautiful scenery that we’ve got in the Okanagan is breathtaking,” said Biden.

Biden spent seven years enjoying the landscape from above while doing service for the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association. He said that all of his shots were taken while “flying low and slow.”

With a father in the military, Biden grew up living all over the globe. He said that through his experience he discovered that “the Okanagan is one of the better parts of the world.”

Images featured in North Okanagan Above include aerial shots of Peachland, Salmon Arm, Enderby, Vernon, Armstrong, Kelowna and everywhere inbetween.

Biden said that he opted to have the book printed at Friesens in Manitoba to keep everything about the book Canadian.

A booth with copies of North Okanagan Above was featured at the Holiday Festival of Creations at Prospera Place this past weekend. Biden felt that the collection of photographs would make a great Christmas gift. His sales may suggest he’s on the right track.

“We’ve been very blessed to have sold 1,600 books in a period of two months.”

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