Punk metal band Valentine’s effort bit of a cash grab

The Welsh band Bullet For My Valentine had their biggest selling success with their second major label album titled Fever.

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE: Fever Tour Edition (Jive)

The Welsh band Bullet For My Valentine had their biggest selling success with their second major label album titled Fever.

That album had the big rock hit, Your Betrayal, produced by Linkin Park studio main man Don Gilmore, who gave the group a somewhat more commercial and accessible sound—for punk metal that is.

To cash in on that success and a very profitable tour, the band BFMV have decided to re-release Fever but as a two-disc set with plenty of tour footage from live at XFM and Graspop Metal Meeting 2010, along with a few music videos and a “track by track commentary” of the Fever album.

This is a pretty comprehensive two disc set for the hard core Fever fan, but it also comes off as a bit of a cash grab in that you have to re-buy the Fever album to get to the newly available stuff.

And releasing this disc around Valentine’s is sort of odd given the self loathing and love alienation of songs such as Pretty On The Outside, Your Betrayal, Bittersweet Memories, The Last Fight etc.

For uber fans only and C- as a Valentines gift but pure delight for the got-to-have-it-all Bullet For My Valentine fan.


THE AVETT BROTHERS: Live, Volume 3 (American Records)

I got this album in the mail a few weeks ago but never seemed to quite get to this CD probably because of the daunting title Live Volume 3.

But their performance at the Grammy’s was intriguing so I dug a little deeper.

The Avett Brothers have been around for at least a decade and have released three or four studio albums, some EPs as well as a couple of live sets (obviously from this new set titled Vol.3) but all of those previous albums were on their indie label.

Famed producer Rick Rubin caught wind of the band and signed them to his American Recordings label.

Live Volume 3 is only their second major label release that was issued about the same time as their studio major label debut titled I And Love And You (the title cleverly holds three of the hardest words to say to say out loud according to the Avetts).

Anyway, the band hails from the Carolinas and this lengthy 16 track live disc was recorded in front of an adoring and sodden Charlotte North Carolina home town audience who cheered and sang along to almost every song.

The tune the band played on The Grammy’s Head Full Of Doubt is included on Live Volume 3 as is the title song of their only major label studio album I And Love And You.

The Avett Brothers play acoustic hillbilly folk rock but in a ragged and energetic fashion that suggests a rock concert.

Note their album cover with banjo held high in rock star pose. I wondered why they were included in the Grammy lineup but I think they helped offset a lot of the fluff an puffery of Bieber, Perry, GaGa, Paltrow et al while The Avett Bros. and Mumford & Sons were superb backing Bob Dylan on his old nugget Maggie’s Farm.


DEPECHE MODE: Tour Of The Universe, Barcelona 20/21.11.09 (EMI)

Like Bullet For My Valentine, Depeche Mode have released a live set after the late career success of 2009’s studio album Tour Of The Universe. This new 2 CD/DVD set features a whopping 27 songs on the DVD concert disc which are repeated on the two CDs for listening pleasure without the video which captured the band over a couple of glorious nights in Barcelona, Spain.

But I am left wondering if the group intends to release a whole slew of these concert discs like Pearl Jam who have released scores of concert albums.

For the avid Depeche Mode fan these discs are loaded with hits past and present that are sure to beguile their long standing admirers.