Resumé for Resident Evil cast members is shooting skills

Resident Evil–Retribution is the fifth in the Resident Evil franchise and it’s a lot like Vampira meets Zombies.

This show is the fifth in the Resident Evil franchise and it’s a lot like Vampira meets Zombies—the mothers of all zombies, actually.

In this latest offering, Alice (Milla Jovovich), whose husband directed the film, seeks to defeat the evil Umbrella Corporation which traffics a bio virus with the goal of world domination. (Ever wonder why all the evil guys want world domination? Like, what’s going to happen when they rule the world—who are they going to fight then?)

Other cast members include Kevin Durand (Barry Burton), Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine, Michelle Rodriquez as Rain, Aryana Engineer as Becky (the best acting of the whole show), and strangely, they changed Bingbing Li to play Ada Wong. Frankly, I like Bingbing and think it would have added to the character if she had been able to keep her real name, but what do I know?

Before I give you my ‘take’ on the show, let me say that Resident Evil debuted at the box office at $21.1 million, so it does have its legions of fans.

Having said that, acting in this one is secondary to the ability to shoot a variety of weaponry in an attempt to kill the bad guys.  And these guys aren’t just bad, they’re unkillable, since the virus with which they have been injected renders them indestructible.

So, this less than two-hour film is action packed right from the get-go and despite the continuous killing, the action was ‘edge of your seat’ fast-paced and exceptional. The acting, as I said, was less so with the exception of the young star who played Becky—she was just great.

There will be a sixth film in this series of flawed good guys trying to save the world from the really bad, bad guys and I’ll probably go see it, if only to find out what happens next, but for the most part this is a show for youth and its reward, if there is any, is in the fact that we can be entertained by almost anything if the special effects are good enough—and even better if they’re in 3D

Save your money and go see the upcoming James Bond, Cloud Atlas and Looper even looks good.

I give Resident Evil–Retribution two reels.

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