Rowing on Okanagan Lake is not just fun, it’s good for you

The appeal of rowing on Okanagan Lake is that rowing is a unique full-body, low-impact aerobic sport.

The appeal of rowing on Okanagan Lake is that rowing is a unique full-body, low-impact aerobic sport.

Combining the health aspect with Okanagan Lake’s scenery, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, calm and warm water and easy access to the lake makes this the sport for all ages and abilities.

As well as the health aspect, the cost of rowing is relatively inexpensive. An annual membership at Kelowna Rowing Club allows three times a week sessions through spring, summer and fall

What is the appeal when many people seem to prefer the motorboats?

For some, it’s the stillness of the lake and the silence before or after the busyness of a work day; for others, it’s the full body aerobic workout on the water.

What could be nicer than being on the lake, exercising, being part of a crew with fellow rowers, in a totally environmentally friendly environment? Rowing is a zero emissions sport, preserving and mixing with nature and not harming it.

How can people get involved?

Kelowna Rowing Club has an excellent introduction to rowing with a six session “Learn to Row” program. On completion, you can join the crews, get into the boat, tie into your shoes and foot stretchers, push off, then ‘lean on the oars’ and be enthralled by the wonderful healthy low impact sport of rowing.

Once you start, you will find it addictive.

Alternatively, as a corporate team of five, you could take part in the Kelowna Rowing Club Corporate Challenge which runs from the beginning of May to the end of June.  This is a great way to learn how to row and compete against fellow rowers.

Is Okanagan Lake suitable for rowing?

Okanagan Lake has great potential as a rowing lake – it is big and there is lots of room for everyone and every water sport. The two major challenges to rowing are weather and other boaters. Weather is dealt with by common sense:  Rowing early in the day when it is more likely to be calm, teaching new rowers how to read the water and the weather, not rowing in dangerous conditions and getting off the lake if sudden changes make it necessary (and yes, boats have been walked back to the club – another advantage of their light weight!).

Sound like something for you?

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