Schell: Shake up Christmas with some new dining ideas

Let the Christmas countdown begin! So much to do, so little time. Here are some delicious ideas to help with your planning.

Sue Haley gives a goat a scratch on the jaw at her farm

Sue Haley gives a goat a scratch on the jaw at her farm

Let the Christmas countdown begin! So much to do, so little time. Here are some delicious ideas to help with your planning.

For your Christmas party, why not try something new and book an Indian style feast? Poppadom’s is the coolest Indian restaurant around, straight from London; the Dosanj family offers a never-ending stream of fun, interesting and delicious ideas on how to celebrate.


Planning a party at home but too tired to cook? Executive chef/owner Lisa Chum at Kelowna’s fabulous Fixx Café is now preparing some of her delicious sauces and fixin’s for take away. Just boil up your own pasta throw some greens in a bowl and pick out one of her delicious sauces and a salad dressing and voila—a gorgeous restaurant meal at home.

There are six pasta sauces to choose from in serving sizes of two, four and six (the Bolognaise sauce also comes in a single serving), two salad dressings as well as a hummus and a Mediterranean olive mix to snack on and a red Thai coconut curry sauce to steam mussels in for a starter.

Don’t forget to add one of her amazing Caribbean Key Lime pies to that order. Incredibly delicious, this pie literally tastes like sunshine and is the perfect antidote for a dreary winter day.

Lisa has done it all for you! Now you can check Holiday Dinner Party Menu off your busy To Do list. Phone 250-861-3499.


Speaking of Christmas feasts, as a fabulous alternative to cooking a holiday ham or turkey, why not serve lamb? As a devout locavore, I know eating local is better, and I am happy to report that a local farm in Kelowna is now able to sell direct from their farm.

It is crucial that the livestock that we, as carnivores, purchase is treated humanely and ideally has enjoyed a happy life. Buying direct from a beautiful local farm where the animals are grass-fed and live a life of contentment is idyllic—it is the circle of life and our responsibility that all creatures are treated with respect.

Sue Haley’s flock lives on a gorgeous farm in southeast Kelowna where her new abattoir and business, Kelowna Free Graze Lamb, operates. Sue explains that the “lambs go out to pasture in mid-April with their mothers and remain on pasture throughout the summer and fall, supplemented as needed with hay and mineral salt. They receive no other feed and no routine medications, ensuring lean, tasty and healthful meat.”

A local butcher processes the lambs on the farm, where “each lamb is examined by a federal inspector from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency before and during slaughter in our on-farm licensed abattoir.”

Another bonus—grass-fed meat is also lower in fat and cholesterol, higher in beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, CLAs and vitamin E than feedlot meat. See for the latest studies showing the health benefits of grass-fed meat. This is a wonderful opportunity to feel better about your food choices as well as support our local farming industry and promote farm gate sales, at 3652 Spiers Rd. (beside the Flower Farm). 250-861-7005

A family operation, Sue Haley’s brother operates a beautiful four-bedroom heritage guest house on the farm—The Mission Creek Country Inn. The Inn’s big kitchen and country dining room can be rented for dinner parties, group events or as individual rooms for a bed and breakfast. It would be a magical place to host your Christmas party! Check them out:

Jennifer Schell is editor of B.C. Wine Trails Magazine.


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