Schell: What where and when you’ll find locally grown foods

Soil Mate is an online directory to help you easily source local food and drink directly from the farmer.

Soil Mate is an amazing new farm tool.  It is essentially an online platform and directory aimed to help consumers easily source local food and drink through the farmers and producers in your community.

As easy as plugging a veggie you are seeking into the search window, Soil Mate will hoe through its database and provide listings for every farm in your locale that grows it.

Soil Mate will share details on who they are, what they grow, what their values and ethos are, when produce is available, what is in season and where you can buy it.

Soil Mate is your direct connection to the farm community where you live allowing you to shop directly from them and truly live a local lifestyle.

With Soil Mate at your side it will become easy to eat local, drink local and be a direct part of growing your farm community by easily changing how you shop. Its brilliant! No more second-guessing where your meat and vegetables come from, you will be driven directly to the source where you will meet the friendly face of the person who grows and raises your healthy food.

For instance: Looking for farm-raised local chicken? Meet Lisa Dueck, your humane chicken farmer and her family. You will see their smiling faces and read about their dedication to raising healthy, happy animals.

Then you can arrange for pick up at their farm or at your local farmers market—all online.

Soil Mate is offering users a re-connection to the old way of life in the new world. It is not only exciting it is reassuring.

Creator Matt Gomez, explains what inspired him to build such an information platform. “I created it because I needed it myself. Over the last few years I have become aware of food security issues. Everything from GMO crops, processed food, hormones and chemicals used in meat, industrial agriculture, inhumane animal treatment.

“I have also become far more aware of the economical impact of importing food. I needed to find a way to help keep money in the community and keep the community farming spirit alive.”

As the father of two young children and living in a new community, Matt wanted to eat local and support his farming community, but it wasn’t easy. There were no real, trustworthy directory listings available online and if he did fine one, he had no idea how to go about setting up a transaction with them—so he built his own.

Soil Mate has recently launched and its time for farms, farmers’ markets and wineries to sign up, so tell your food and drink producers, farmers and artisans to go to:

In the month since launch it has already spread across seven Canadian provinces and 12 US states.

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