Steen: Get extra popcorn to hold you through Interstellar

Not even a space movie buff like me thought this way too long film offered anything spectacular.




So here’s where I admit I am a lifelong fan of anything about space—Kirk, Picard and Janeway were my heroes, as they bravely went where no man (or woman in this politically correct world) had ever gone, so Interstellar was right up there as one of the movies I had to see.

Well, this is a long one at 169 minutes and is based on the premise that Earth is running out of food to feed its billions of inhabitants and other worlds must be found which can sustain life for humanity.

The widowed astronaut and father (Matthew McConaughey) is tapped to lead the team to find such a world—with one drawback: For every hour they spend in another galaxy, it is 23 years on Earth.

This film has its moments and it is over-the-top in terms of cinema magic, but the moments are woven into lengthy, boring segments that do nothing to add to the plot.

Saturday night, the theatre was packed in anticipation of this film and I don’t think many went away with the feeling that they had seen something spectacular.

Of course, I didn’t like Gravity either and look at what that made. In a surprise weekend, however, Big Hero 6 beat everyone, bringing in $56.2 million.

Filmed largely in Iceland and with a stellar cast of McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Ellen Burstyn, John Lithgow and more, one would think the show would satisfy even the most jaded of space junkies, but for me, it did not, and worse, did I mention it was long?

Sure there were a couple of tear jerking scenes, and while I may be way wrong, I think this is destined for a quick trip to Pay for View to make way for upcoming flicks such as the last chapter of the Hobbit series The Battle of Five Armies, the Hunger Games Mockingjay, Part I, oh and let’s not forget Fifty Shades of Gra`, all coming soon to a theatre near you.

So if you’ve got half a weekend to spare, see Interstellar. Just be sure to buy the larger popcorn, you’re going to get hungry.

I give Interstellar two out of five less than stellar reels.