Steen: No. 3 for Iron Man with more action, more laughs

Big fat budget keeps action, laughs going in Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3


For those of us who are big fans of the Iron Man franchise, this Iron Man 3 was different in many ways: It was the first of the series not directed by Jon Favreau who has a role in the film as Happy Hogan, Stark’s obsessive Chief of Security; It was the first time that Samuel L. Jackson did not appear in any Iron Man related movie as Nick Fury; And it was darker than previous films.

Originally budgeted for $140 million, the filming budget increased to $200 million after the Avengers became a huge hit.

Robert Downey Jr., of course, is Tony Stark.  In his fifth portrayal of Stark, Downey, once written off by Hollywood as a perpetual ‘bad boy,’ has evolved into a most respected actor and has risen to the top with several recent hits ( Sherlock Holmes, Avengers and more).

Other cast members—Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow); back as Col. James Rhodes is Don Cheadle; Guy Pearce (Hurt Locker) is villain Aldrich Killan, a role once considered for Jude Law; and Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin.

Look for a cameo featuring Iron Man creator Stan Lee.

This film has action all the way through with Stark coping with a new terrorist threat that hits very close to home. This is full of high tech toys, lots of funny lines and comic relief, and will certainly appeal to a wide audience.

One good line (and there were many): “You know what keeps going through my mind? Where’s my sandwich?”

I saw this one in 3D and, unlike many, it makes a difference. The 3D version will really give the viewer an up- close and personal experience, particularly in the big action scenes.

I give this film four reels out of five in the hopes that there will be an Iron Man 4.

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