Thiel: Don’t be afraid to believe in your cause

Your outcome is predetermined by your attitude and the mindful influence on your body.

This is one of the best kept secrets of effective manifestation of your goals: Your outcome is predetermined by your attitude and the mindful influence on your body.

A very wise man (my father) told me once you can only keep one thought in your head at one time.

What’s better is that you choose the thought. Otherwise, we are no better than sheep.

Visualize, visualize, visualize. Concentrate on your goal throughout the entire day. Be steadfast and immovable in attaining your goal. Some say seeing is believing. I say believing is believing.

I’ve spent many years studying and analyzing the mind body interface.

Some call this mind-body medicine. The bottom line is that your body is your mind.

I have read many studies that have illustrated the power of the mind to influence the body. For example, I often cite one study that involved telling patients wrong lab results. This study talked about patients who were told incorrectly that they were diabetics.

Low and behold, their insulin levels dropped.

Here was a clear and measurable reaction to erroneous information, but information we believed to be true.

After the mistake was corrected, their insulin level returned to normal.

As a doctor, I understand that there is not one cell in your body that is not innervated or influenced by your nervous system.

Your brain is command central and it regulates, coordinates and influences everything that goes on from your head to your toes.

So, if you enter into your goals with the belief that you can or you can’t, you are going you are going to be right. Be mindful of your internal dialogue. I cannot stress this enough.

You will be what you tell yourself to believe.

Many studies have clearly demonstrated that a depressed person also has a depressed immune system. We all know people like this.

This is because of their mindset and their personal beliefs toward themselves and others.

Live your life in gratitude, not in want. I live by the motto: Want what you have.

I’m not saying you should live your life by platitudes and nonsensical mantras.

I find these to be useless. We simply are saying them because we know that it simply is not sure but we would like it to be so. Take the time to realize what you want.

Establish the goals and how you will achieve it and then mobilize yourself towards those goals. When that is done, you are already a success.

I believe that we are never surprised by the outcome of our thought, actions and attitudes.

I have had patients who believe that they will never get better. Guess what, they were right all along.

Conversely, I have patients that were told by previous practitioners: “There was nothing you can do about it and get used to it.” They did not believe it.  They believed they would get better, truly believed. They were right. Simply, we believe it to be so. We can all do it and we can do it as soon as we want to start.

Never lose sight in the fact that your brain is the strongest muscle in your body. Use your mind and direct your body and life to do what you tell it to do.