Thiel: Engaging a healthier mindset

Establish just one lifetime habit each week to achieve a new you.

My mom once said that up until the age of 25, you have the body that you were born with. After that, you get the body you deserve.

This becomes more evident to us as we age.

Our physical state is the sum of every single decision we have made up until this point.

This includes what we eat and what we don’t eat, what we drink and what we don’t drink, and what we do and we don’t do.

So now that we are all accountable for our present state, let’s move forward to the power of choice, which is a superpower.

It is better than x-ray vision or being able to fly. It enables us to create whatever environment we want within ourselves.

Just as no one can tell you what to think, no one can tell you what to do. This allows us greater and ultimate authority over our lives.

Someone once said you could live with the pain of discipline or you can live with the pain of disappointment. Both have drastically different outcomes.

We all know of many things we can do right now to change our health, from eating more vegetables, drinking more water, exercising more, meditating, sleeping enough, etc.

But when faced with all these choices, the new person that becomes you can be overwhelmed. This is why I say to my patients make one change a week.

Just as you cannot get rich quick, you cannot be that healthy person that you desire overnight. But you can make that choice to start down the path of being a healthier person overnight.

Once again, that’s the power of choice.

The regimen I start my patients on is first to get used to drinking two litres of water a day.

The next week, I asked them to ensure that they get eight hours of sleep every night.

This sets you up for the third week in the new training that will be you, make sure that you exercise at least three to five times a week.

In the fourth week, I asked my patients to remove all wheat from their diet. There, in one month you are properly hydrated and detoxified, rested, fit have lost weight.  That’s just the first month.

My wife is one of the most fit people I’ve ever met.  She eats well constantly, she exercises routinely and she’s living testament to the words I have written above.

In comparison, admittedly, I am a distant second to her. But the one thing that has bred success into everything she has done is that she has done it consistently, deliberately and on purpose.

Choose to live your life on purpose and you will see the benefits.

You don’t have to read a book, buy any fancy gadgets or join a class—just do it.

As Dr. James Chestnut says: “Eat well, think well and move well.”


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