Volunteer Centre: Great volunteering opportunity at the Kelowna Art Gallery

Volunteering as a docent with the Kelowna Art Gallery to work with the public and expand your knowledge of the visual arts.

The Kelowna Art Gallery is currently recruiting volunteer docents for its 2012-13 School Tour Program.

Volunteering as a docent offers a terrific opportunity to work with the public and expand your knowledge of the visual arts.

The word docent comes from the Latin verb “docere” which means to instruct, teach or inform.

At the Kelowna Art Gallery, docents work as volunteer guides, escorting school groups through the gallery.

You will be required to volunteer approximately two-and-a-half hours per week, plus you must attend exhibition information meetings held approximately once every six weeks.

As a docent you will receive a free membership to the gallery, selected exhibition catalogues, the opportunity to meet artists and curators and the chance to attend workshops, artist talks and information sessions regarding current issues in art education.

Training will start at the beginning of October, and the gallery provides all the training necessary to lead the tours.

Your training will include instruction on styles, art history, child development and teaching methods. This is guaranteed to give you all the preparation you will need to feel confident in working with a group of children in an active program.

For more information, please contact Renée Burgess, head of public programming at 250-762-2226, ext. 310.

Perhaps this is not quite the right fit for you right now and yet you want to get involved. Think about your talents, interests, availability and type of organization that appeals to you.

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