Volunteer e-matches made easy

There seems to be a lot of commercials on TV these days about dating and receiving e-matches.

There seems to be a lot of commercials on TV these days about dating and receiving e-matches. The tag line is something about “not more dates but better dates.”

Do you have these same thoughts about volunteering?

“Finding the right organization and way of volunteering is complex, admits Avril Paice, director of community investment, United Way CSO.

When Avril first moved to Kelowna as a college student, she decided to volunteer to meet people, gain experience and feel good about helping someone.

“I met with about five organizations and became frustrated trying to find a fit, but then I stumbled upon the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs,” she explains. For the next several years, Avril volunteered there and gained confidence in her career path.

Now Avril takes a different route to decide about her volunteer commitments.

“This year I tried out the volunteer profile feature on kcr.ca and was impressed by how quickly it helped me find the role I was seeking,”  she says.

Completing the profile helped her think through when, how and why she wants to volunteer in 2012. She thought about her availability, ideal locations and areas of interest. These were saved and submitted.

What interests you? There are 19 areas from which to choose.

Are you an administration kind of person? Do animals pull at your heart strings? Arts and culture might bring out your creativity. Maybe you like hands-on projects in construction or home maintenance.

Some of the other topics include education, environment, family services or food preparation. Are you athletic and avidly involved with sports and recreational activities? Special events might grab your attention.

It is time to take the plunge. Go to www.kcr.ca. Click on ‘volunteer opportunities search.’ Create your volunteer profile. Get involved. Impact our community.

Dawn Wilkinson is the coordinator for the Community Information and Volunteer Centre.

250-763-8008, ext 24



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