Volunteer: Find your niche at Volunteer Fair

Kelowna Community Resources has set up a web-based resource where organizations can post job openings for prospective volunteers.

This September, when Kelowna Community Resources throws open the Parkinson Recreation Centre doors to welcome everyone to its annual Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair, a bank of computers will be ready and waiting in the Telus Internet Café.

“Being a telecommunications company, Telus has access to lots of equipment and technology they can lend,” said Avril Paice, United Way director of community investment.

Paice connected with Telus to use its mobile café knowing the company is dedicated to fostering volunteerism.

And that’s exactly how these laptops will be used for Sept. 8 as Kelowna Community Resources looks to grow its online volunteer profile bank.

KCR has set up a web-based resource where organizations can post job openings for prospective volunteers to peruse and set up a profile, advertising their skills and attributes.

The system is on the KCR website under the Volunteer Opportunities Search Central Okanagan button. It walks users through an easy step-by-step guide to finding the perfect volunteer match; which isn’t as simple as it might seem.

Finding a volunteer job is similar to finding paid employment in that the relationship needs to really work for both parties.

The more volunteers who are logged into the database with profiles, the more opportunities it attracts and the more matches can be made so needs are being met by volunteers in this community,” Paice explained.

The Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair runs Sept. 8 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Parkinson Recreation Centre.

Everyone is welcome to come and shop for a new volunteer job at booths set up by non-profit organizations looking for helping hands.

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