Volunteer: Find your perfect volunteer match through online survey

As a volunteer you can receive volunteer e-matches by customizing your volunteer profile.

Connecting online seems to be the way to go these days. As a volunteer you can receive volunteer e-matches by customizing your own volunteer profile on the Kelowna Community Resources website.

The process is simple.

Go to www.kcr.ca and click on Volunteer Opportunities search Central Okanagan, then select the volunteer profile tab.

Enter your name, email address and select your preferred level of confidentiality. Make sure you enter ‘submit’ in-between each stage of selections.

The volunteer profile will help you think through when, how and why you want to volunteer. You can think about your availability, ideal locations and areas of interests.

What interests you? There are 19 areas from which to choose.

Are you an administration kind of person? Do animals pull at your heart strings?

Perhaps arts and culture might bring out your creativity. Maybe you like hands-on projects in construction or home maintenance.

Some of the other topics include education, environment, family services or food preparation. Are you athletic and avidly involved with sports and recreational activities? Special events might grab your attention.

Each of the 19 areas of interest offers you a selection of topics that enable you to be quite specific with your choices. These can be updated any time to keep your profile fresh.

Here are some examples.

Animal services volunteers can be involved in advocacy, exercise, fostering, grooming, shelter attendee, family maintenance, pet assisted therapy or veterinarian services to name a few.

Under arts and culture, you can check artist, backstage production, tour guide, usher or ticket taker.

Communication volunteers tackle graphic design, marketing, photography, public speaking, video production or writing and editing.

Special events let you bartend, work concessions, plan, greet, provide security or act as event marshals.

It is time for you to take the plunge. Create your volunteer profile today.

Get involved. Impact our community with your time and talent.


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