Volunteer: Flex your mentor muscle with Studio9

Studio9 School of the Arts in Kelowna is starting an artist mentor program this year.

  • Aug. 1, 2013 11:00 a.m.

In today’s Volunteer Centre column, Mike Guzzi, CEO and teacher with Studio9 School of the Arts, invites artists to share their knowledge and skills with students and teachers.

This coming year Studio9 School of the Arts in Kelowna is starting an artist mentor program for both practicing artists in music, dance, visual arts, sculpting, etc., as well as retired artists who would like to volunteer some time to work with children.

This can include a classroom project with a teacher, a continuous program, weekend or holiday camps and after school programs.

There is even the opportunity to mentor staff in designing more Learning Through the Arts curriculum where students can understand academic learning outcomes through art-based instruction or practice.

We believe there are a number of expert artists in all genres in the community who have so much to contribute to our students and our staff at Studio9.

There are so many specialty arts opportunities that could be available to youth who would not see them in books or online.

We would like to compile a database of interested artists and the areas they prefer to mentor in. That database would be held in confidence to be shared only with school staff so they could link their lesson plans and curriculum outlines to relevant available artist mentors.

In addition to in-class projects there is also the possibility of school at-large art projects such as sculptures, artful decorating of the school space or specialty performances.

This concept can also be applied to a community project for a local park or facility that can use an art injection as a community service of Studio9 and the artist mentor.

Interested artist mentors can call Studio9 at 250-868-8816 or email office@studio9.ca. You can visit the website at www.studio9.ca.

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