Volunteering, voting are essence of democracy

I have heard it said that volunteering and donating money are the essence of democracy.

I have heard it said that volunteering and donating money are the essence of democracy. We put our resources where our mouth is and clearly declare where our priorities lie.

Volunteering is a follow through for the initial step of voting. Have you thought any more about combining the two and volunteering to support a candidate in our upcoming municipal elections?

“I read your column,” three different candidates mentioned to me. “Tell them how to contact us, we’d like to hear from more people and get them directly involved.”

That made sense to me, so here goes.

In addition to the Volunteer Opportunities Search that I promote every week, our website also hosts the Central Okanagan listings for community information.

On www.kcr.ca, do a Community Info Search to get a Google-type of search page. In the find box you can enter District of Lake Country, City of Kelowna, District of West Kelowna or District of Peachland.

The records you find will give you live links to the government websites. I double checked and each website has election information on their home pages. Review the candidates listed.

Once a particular candidate stands out for you, make direct contact.

Please do not wait to be asked. Exert your democratic initiative and get involved.

In my Oct. 13 column about engaging in the political process, I mentioned a few specific ways you might feel comfortable volunteering.

There are social media and website tasks. You can help staff campaign offices, phone known supporters, assist with mail outs, erect signs, canvass door to door, or drive people to the polls for advance voting and on election day.

You can become one of the heroes behind the scenes for the candidate of your choice. Vote with your time, your money and your X on the ballot.

Please vote during the November 19 election.





Dawn Wilkinson is the coordinator for the Community Information and Volunteer Centre. Go to www.kcr.ca to create your volunteer profile and find out about other volunteer opportunities in the Central Okanagan.

250-763-8008, ext 24



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