Wilkinson: One person makes a difference

Because of one, lives can be saved. Please help us to save lives by becoming a volunteer at a blood donor clinic.

Volunteer at a blood donor clinic

Because of one, lives can be saved. Are you that ‘one’? Please help us to save lives by becoming a volunteer at one of our clinics.

As a volunteer, you play a crucial role in our blood system. You allow young couples to become parents, children to continue dreaming and people in need to enjoy everything our community has to offer.

The warmth of your smile can calm a nervous donor. Casual conversation can give someone more information about programs at Canadian Blood Services. Your caring attitude can encourage a first-time donor to continue donating.

Volunteers provide excellent customer care for donors as well as assist in looking out for their safety and well being.

Hospitality area volunteers greet donors and offer rest and refreshments to help each person feel rejuvenated.

The average volunteer shift is two to three hours. A name tag and volunteer vest will be provided. Closed toe shoes are required at all times for personal safely.

Training for new volunteers is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6. Lunch will be provided.

New hours for blood donor clinics begin April 11 in Kelowna on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 6:45 p.m. at the Canadian Blood Services clinic at 103-1865 Dilworth Dr.

West Kelowna clinics begin on April 21 and will run on Thursdays, every eight weeks, from noon to 6 p.m. This mobile clinic is held at Emmanuel Assembly Church, 2600 Hubert Rd. Clinic dates are: April 21, June 16, Aug. 1, Oct. 6, and Dec. 1.

For more information phone Samia Dolnik at 1-888-332-5663-3552 or email samia.dolnik@blood.ca.

Learn about this and other volunteer opportunities online at kcr.ca. Click on Volunteer Opportunities Search. Create your own volunteer profile and receive email notices about volunteering that match your areas of interest.

Dawn Wilkinson is the coordinator for the CIVC.


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