Preventive care to keep dentures – and smiles! – in tip top shape

Denture experts in Vernon and Kelowna share how to maintain a perfect fit

The team at Kasper Denture Clinic can help you keep your dentures fitting and functioning perfectly.

The team at Kasper Denture Clinic can help you keep your dentures fitting and functioning perfectly.

For most people, becoming completely acclimatized to something new takes a little time. Dentures are the perfect example. Feeling fully comfortable with new dentures can take six to eight weeks, often with adjustments made during this time to ensure they fit as comfortably as possible.

“Dentures are definitely not one-size-fits-all,” says Madison Eschbach from Kasper Denture Clinic. “Everyone has specific measurements, and your dentures can be customized in every aspect.”

However, since your mouth changes over time, and like real teeth, your dentures experience wear and tear, they also need to be adjusted and replaced from time to time.

“It’s recommended that you come in every two or three years to see if any changes need to be made,” Eschbach says.

As the tissues in your mouth change over the years, you may notice your dentures becoming too tight or too loose. Your dentures may start shifting in your mouth as you talk and eat, and sore spots may develop.

“As the denture teeth wear down, there’s resorption of the jaw bone, or you lose weight, your occlusion or bite does shift over time,” Eschbach says. “That’s why it’s important to have them refitted – to ensure they’re closing properly. We want that natural wear on the teeth, and maintain optimal chewing height in the denture, which helps maintain your bones.”

Refitting of dentures can involve a simple tightening, teeth sharpening, or a re-base, where all the “pink” part of the denture is replaced. This gives a custom re-fit to your gums, gets rid of the bacteria in the old acrylic, and replaces the brittle acrylic so the dentures are less prone to cracking.

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“Eventually you will need to replace your dentures,” Eschbach says. “Most patients need them replaced approximately every five to seven years, and that usually aligns with typical insurance coverage. However, if we can go beyond that length of time, that’s fantastic!”

The denture professionals at Kasper Denture Clinic offer complimentary consultations, and encourage patients to come in for an exam to ensure their dentures are fitting and functioning properly.

“I’ve had people say they feel like they’re wasting our time when they have doubts or concerns,” Eschbach says. “We want you to have peace of mind and be comfortable, so don’t hesitate to come in for a quick exam and some measurements.

“And don’t worry, you’re definitely not wasting our time!”

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