All Kelowna needs to know about the day that was

It's not all rain clouds and puddles, there's cause to push on until Tuesday. It's right here, with a list summarizing today, Oct. 17.

A recap of the days events in Kelowna on a busy Oct. 14

It’s the beginning of a new week and, sure, it’s all a bit dreary. But it’s not all rain clouds and puddles, there’s cause to push on until Tuesday. It’s here, with a list summarizing today, Oct. 17.

1.) So, this won’t be the part where we take the sting out of the weather. On the contrary, Environment Canada says that the evening will be mainly cloudy, with a 40 per cent chance of showers . Pull out your flannel jammies, too. Temperatures are supposed to dip to 5 C tonight.

2.) So much of the local news cycle has been dedicated to the plane crash in Lake Country that killed four, including former Alberta Premier Jim Prentice. The investigation will continue for a year, but there’s more news to be found. For example, there’s this terrifying story about a woman and a logging truck. On the bright side, soon you’ll be able to bike on the old CN railway.

3.) You might think school boards are dull, but apparently they’re a hotbed of controversy. Vancouver School Board is making like the North Okanagan’s and getting fired. Allegations of bullying and financial misconduct abound. This story is bound to be around for awhile.

4.) Thais love their king, and mourning his death will be a national event for some time. Government workers are required to wear black mourning attire for one year. State events are also under a 30-day moratorium, and all public offices and schools will fly flags at half-staff for 30 days. All of it has amounted to a run on the colour black. You read that right. Now read all about it, here.

5.) Last but not least, this little Facebook post caught on like wildfire (only cuter) this weekend. These two doe-lightful creatures popped up out of Mill Creek, near the bridge, hopped across the highway and were last seen running down Ellis. We hope they made it to their destination in good form.