Animal causes Kelowna electrical shortage

Black Mountain area power outage rectified quickly by FortisBC crews.

  • Thu Sep 22nd, 2016 6:00pm
  • News

Some Kelowna homeowners found themselves without power this morning.

If Black Mountain residents heard a loud crashing noise this morning, that was the sound of high voltage electricity being abruptly interrupted.

Nicole Bogdanovic, spokesperson for FortisBC, said area homeowners lost their power temporarily this morning, but power should have been restored as of 10 a.m. There were no immediate figures available as to how many homes were affected.

Bogdanovic said a search along the power line grid found that the electrical shortage was caused by an animal.

She said the electrical transmission component was working as ti should—it failed instead of continuing to conduct electricity because of the wayward animal’s curiosity.