Artist/musician to challenge for seat on council

Randall Robinson announced Monday that he is gearing up for the race to earn a seat on council.

Randall Robinson announced Monday that he is gearing up for the race to earn a seat on council.

Robinson said that the District of West Kelowna council would benefit with him on it.

“I bring a different perspective than the typical representation that’s been there for the past four years,” said Robinson.

“I work in technology, I have a different perspective on how technology and sustainable industries are changing the climate of business.”

Robinson said his love of the arts is another unique aspect that might set him apart from other candidates.

“I represent a slightly different sector: I’m an artist and a musician.”

Robinson is a grandfather of two and a father of four. Two of his sons are police officers.

“That gives me a different perspective on community policing. I think this is a very critical time in the relationship between the community and its policing.”

Robinson has lived in West Kelowna for just under four years; however, he grew up in Kelowna and is very familiar with the Okanagan.

Robinson has clear goals in mind of what council needs to achieve over the next three years.

“I think council needs to focus on a couple of things. We need to follow through on the plans that have already been dealt,” he said.

“We have to take a good hard look at the relationship between West Kelowna, Kelowna, Westbank First Nation and our neighbours to the south in Peachland. I don’t think there’s a good relationship there now.

“We have a very unique community in West Kelowna,” he continued.

“We have a very clean slate. Talk to anyone in West Kelowna and you’ll hear the concerns about sprawling, about poor city planning or they fear that the city planning won’t be representative of their desires.

“I think we have to get a handle on West Kelowna as a city and we have to go forward with the right attitude, the right perspective.”

As of Tuesday, two mayor, 15 councillor and five school trustee packages had been picked up from the District of West Kelowna office.

The period for filing nomination papers is Oct. 4 to 14.


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