Arts and culture summit seeks to marry business and cultural services

  • Apr. 6, 2011 12:00 p.m.

On Friday morning, the business and arts communities will meet with an expert in mobilizing communities in an attempt to spur economic and cultural growth.

Dubbed the Kelowna Arts and Culture Summit, the city’s cultural crew have tapped Paul Born to take the lead on a two-day workshop intended to brainstorm some concrete projects citizens from both campus can come together on.

“You never want to prejudge outcomes too much when you’re bringing people together to have their own dialogue. But it might be just to help them realize that maybe business and culture are not as different as they may think,” said Sandra Kochan, with the City of Kelowna cultural services.

Last year, the municipality conducted extensive consultations to develop a cultural plan and discovered the business and arts communities did not appear to be connected enough to know how they might work together to build a more vibrant, and profitable community.

Kochan said she is hoping the sessions will yield some tangible ideas that people within the community are willing to sign on to champion.

Born has worked as a motivational speaker and facilitator all over the world and was tapped to bring an approach which would resonate with the business community as much as it does with the cultural sector.

In addition to leading the Tamarack Institute in Waterloo, Born holds a masters degree in leadership, is an author and has been recognized with awards from the Conference Board of Canada, Imagine Canada and the Governor General of Canada.


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