Avoid driving in Kelowna, says city staff

Avoid driving in Kelowna, says city staff

A number of accidents have been reported this morning

Kelowna’s roadways operation supervisor says to avoid driving today if possible.

Stephen Bryans, with the City of Kelowna, said with two storms back to back last night, the city poured a salt solution to help stop the bond of snow to the pavement so it can be easily removed prior to the snowfall.

Gordon Drive, Glenmore Road and in Rutland, most of the four-lane roads are top priority, with secondary roads like Richter Street lists as a second priority and residential neighbourhoods are a third priority, he said.

He asks that residents remove their vehicle from the streets so the snow plows can do their job.

“Today is a very heavy wet snow, it’s going to be a big challenge as it’s going to be slippery… so the less cars we have in the way is the best.”

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Car owners are requested to move their vehicles away from the streets, especially those parked in higher elevations.

“If they don’t have to go out right now, especially at some of the higher elevations, stay home. We are doing our best to get there as quickly as we can, we have 1,700 kilometres to cover so we can’t be in all places at all times.”

Highway 97 and Highway 33 fall under provincial jurisdiction.


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