B.C. apples bring home ribbons

B.C.'s new varieties of apples are judged to be some of the best grown in Canada.

Winning B.C. apples on display at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.

Winning B.C. apples on display at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.

As usual, B.C. apples did well in the new varieties categories at the annual National Apple Competition at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, but they did not fare so well in the commercial varieties classes against eastern growers this year.

Summerland growers Billy and Shawna Boerboom of Windmill Orchards received a first for their Golden Delicious, while Greg Sanderson of Cawston came second, but in the rest of the commercial classes, the best for B.C. apples were seconds for Gala won by Steve Brown of Happy Valley Harvest of Summerland and McIntosh, won by the Boerbooms.

However, in the new variety classes, Devin and Janine Jell of Sun-Oka Fruit Farms of Summerland came first with their Ambrosias, while the Boerbooms took second and Nirmal Dhaliwal of Oliver took third.

The Jells also were named Reserve Champion for New Varieties.

Jells also came out first with their Aurora Golden Galas, while Jack Machial of Oliver took second and Mitchell Family Orchard of Summerland took third.

Jell also brought home a first for his Granny Smith apples.

In Other New Varieties, Tom Kinvig of Summerland won first for his Salish apples, while Machial took second for Fuji and Jeff and Lori Marshall of Jeflor Orchards of Winfield took third for their Nicola apples.

The Jells and Boerbooms took second and third place for their collection of five varieties.

Growers from Ontario and Quebec  took home the lions’ share of the trophies for heritage apples, many of which are not grown in B.C., and for the commercial varieties, but B.C. growers did very well in the new variety classes.

Winning apples are displayed at the fair after they are judged.





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