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B.C.'s minimum wage increases on Sept. 15

The BC Fruit Growers Association is reminding employers that the minimum wage in B.C. increases to $10.85 per hour on Sept. 15.
Okanagan apples

All workers, including those in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program and those earning piece rate, must earn a minimum of $10.85 per hour. In order to convert piece rates to hourly rates, a timesheet must be kept for all workers, including those paid by piece rates.

The BCFGA had request the wage change take place at a different time of year to avoid the awkward mid-harvest timing, but was turned down.

For hourly workers, it is a requirement that they be paid a minimum additional four per cent vacation pay or given paid vacation leave equivalent to a minimum of four per cent.

For piece rate workers, vacation pay is included in the piece rate, so no additional vacation pay is required for piece rate work.

Also, seasonal farm workers are not required to be paid overtime for hours in excess of eight hours a day, or for hours worked on a Statutory Holiday. Overtime pay is not a requirement in agriculture and it is normal in B.C. and in all other jurisdictions that overtime is not paid in agriculture harvest work.

The minimum wage for liquor servers increases to $9.60 per hour on September 15, up from $9.20 per hour.