Bacon murder trial: Victim of shooting testifies

Bacon murder trial: Victim of shooting testifies

Lyndsey Black was in the car when masked gunmen opened fire

Lyndsey Black remembers covering her eyes and feeling pain radiate through her body when masked gunmen opened fire on the SUV she was in and bullets sliced through her legs.

Black, one of the five people in the Porsche Cayenne that was shot at Aug. 14 2011 outside the Delta Grand Hotel in Kelowna, testified very briefly Thursday in the murder and attempted murder trial for Michael Jones, Jason McBride and Jujhar Singh Khun-Khun.

Crown counsel Dave Ruse started his questions by asking Black what she remembered from the moments before the shooting.


“I don’t remember anything out of the ordinary at all,” Black said.

Moments later, when asked to revisit what she observed before the shooting, Black said she “may have seen a car.”

“I think I saw a person … the window was rolled down so I could see a person in the back seat,” said Black.

She said they were wearing a mask, though she didn’t know what colour it was.

“I think I saw them holding a gun … a long, black gun,” she said, adding that it was pointed at the car.

When asked if she could recall anything from the shooting itself, she said that it was sudden and that she “was in a lot of pain.”


“After that, it was a blur,” she said. “I covered my eyes at that point, I wasn’t looking.”

Bullets cut through the SUV, moving in various directions. Some were lodged within the Porsche and others criss-crossed right through the area that passengers were seated.

Hells Angel Larry Amero was in the driver seat, Red Scorpion leader Jonathan Bacon was in the front passenger seat, Independent Soldier James Riach was in the rear driver-side passenger seat, Black was in the rear side passenger seat behind Bacon and Leah Hadden-Watts was in the rear middle seat.

Bacon died from his gunshot wounds, Hadden-Watts was shot in the neck and rendered a paraplegic, Amero was shot in the face, wrist and chest and Black was shot through both upper legs. Riach escaped without injury.

Black testified that she knew everyone except Riach. She said she didn’t know his name when it was mentioned to her.

She was friends with Hadden-Watts and two weeks before the shooting had gone to a party at what may have been Amero’s house, though she couldn’t remember for sure.

She also testified that she had no recollection of who was at that party.

She did remember going boating the day before the shooting, though details about the boat and who was driving it weren’t rendered.