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Bad Date Report: Warning issued to Kelowna women of possible kidnapping

The victim said they were held for an uknown period of time
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HOPE Outreach in Kelowna is warning women of an alleged kidnapping after a bad date report.

The notice, dated June 28, says a woman was kidnapped while on a date and held for an unknown period of time.

The victim said the man is well known in Kelowna.

He was said to be driving a two-door Acura.

Bad Date Reports allows victims, such as sex workers, to report bad experiences and help protect others.

In August 2022, HOPE Outreach founder Angie Lohr spoke out after a Bad Date Report went public. She said that the alerts are not sent out to the general public because they are not intended for anyone other than sex workers and the organizations that work to help and protect them.

Instead, the alerts are sent to 150 organizations in the Okanagan where they are posted to warn sex workers of the alleged perpetrators.

HOPE Okanagan does not release personal details of the alleged perpetrator, such as names or license plate numbers, because HOPE does not vet the reports or launch an investigation like the RCMP. Lohr said that they do not fact-check the accusations and at HOPE Outreach, survivors are believed without hard evidence.

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