Banners back on Kelowna streetlight poles

City and FortisBC come to an agreement to allow small banners and decorations on some power poles.

It’s a banner day for Kelowna— a small one.

The city and FortisBC have come to an agreement about hanging banners, decorations and hanging baskets from street light poles.

After a public outcry following news that Fortis did not want banners attached to street light poles any more, city and company officials huddles to work out a deal.

According to Mayor Walter Gray, the city will be allowed to continue attaching small community banners on some streetlights.

“We’ve been in discussion with FortisBC over the last week,” said Gray. “Both the city and FortisBC recognize that banners, hanging baskets and other decorations are an important part of streetscaping and city beautification.”

He said the company will allow the city to continue attaching small banners and decorations to streetlight designed to carry the extra load as long as FortisBC is advised.

The banner issue arose recently, when it was discovered that some power poles and streetlights are not engineered to hold the additional load created when wind blows against banners.

In the past, large banners had bee strung over some downtown streets, such as Pandosy, to advertise upcoming events and causes.

The company said it discourages hanging any material on power poles or light standards as it can interfere with the work and safety of their crews.

“We understand the importance of decorations to the City and are working together to make sure that we can safely service the city’s infrastructure now and in the future,” said Dwain Bell, vice-president of operations at FortisBC. “We also thank the City for meeting with us and recognizing that employee and public safety is priority one at FortisBC.”



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