BC Tree Fruits fires CEO

BC Tree Fruits Co-operative served Chief Executive Officer Alan Tyabji with his early notice of termination.

Alan Tyabji

The board of directors of BC Tree Fruits Co-operative, which is comprised of over 500 grower families, served chief executive officer Alan Tyabji with his early notice of termination.

Tyabji will remain with the co-operative for another six weeks under working notice, according to a co-op press release.

For the duration of the working notice, Tyabji will work with the board in the search for a new CEO as well as the assist with the transition of responsibilities to who becomes the new CEO.

“The Board of Directors, grower members and staff all wish to thank Tyabji for his passion and efforts over his years of service to the industry,” reads the release.

No reason for the abrupt termination was noted.

This last year has been one of change for the packinghouse.

Tyabji told reporters earlier this year that on Dec. 31, 2015 the Co-op cancelled all the pre-existing, one-year contracts held with apple growers.

Once that was done farmers were evaluated, and new three-year contracts were struck with those who demonstrated  a commitment to the organization and quality fruit, said Tyabji.

Somewhere in the area of 20 farmers were cut in the process.

“I spent $20 million upgrading (the packinghouse) and I will spend another $10 million in the next year and a half,” Tyabji said, noting he wanted to make sure that investment was being made on behalf of farmers who demonstrated the same kind of commitment.