Before Pokemon, the search was on for pigs

Mobile gamers may remember the Kelowna Museums Internet game quest Pigs On Bernard, launched in 2015

  • Jul. 30, 2016 8:00 a.m.
Before Pokemon, the search was on for pigs

With the recent release of Pokemon Go, Nintendo has captured the attention of tens of millions of mobile gamers with the advent of a digital world of mini monsters layered over the real world.

Due to its popularity many are jumping on the bandwagon. For example, the City of Kelowna has recently launched two interactive challenges as a fun way to enjoy your hike up Knox Mountain Park.

But did you know there was augmented reality in Kelowna long before Pikachu made his triumphant return?

In 2015, Kelowna Museums partnered with QuestUpon to bring history alive on Bernard Ave with the development of the “Pigs on Bernard” quest.

Gamers are taken on a historical tour of downtown Kelowna where they will see buildings as they were in the early 1900s; learn some fascinating facts; see a Sternwheeler on the lake; and chase down some squealing virtual piggies.

Discover the stories of your community by downloading the QuestUpon app and launching “Pigs on Bernard”.

Who knows, once you’ve made your way to the Okanagan Heritage Museum, you might also discover some Pokestops nearby!


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