Bernard Avenue to get new trees

About 140 new trees will be planted along Bernard Avenue…while about 70 will be removed.

Trees being removed as part of the second phase of the Bernard Avenue revitalization project will be replaced with a species more appropriate for urban settings, says Kelowna City Hall.

In all, 36 trees will be removed between Abbott Street and Pandosy Street.

The trees were evaluated before the project  started and the removal of many of the trees was made necessary by the need to improve sidewalk drainage and pedestrian circulation.

According to the city, many of the trees, planted in concrete planters that severely restricted root growth, have reached their maximum size and were beginning to decline in health.

New trees will line Bernard Avenue between Abbott and Water Streets similar to the planting between Richter and St. Paul Strets, done in phase one of the project.

To ensure the new trees get the best start for a long and healthy life, structural soil is being used because it can be compacted for strong pavement design, while providing considerable soil volume and permitting healthy, normal root growth, said the city in a news release.

A total of about 140 new trees will be planted along Bernard Avenue as part of the entire $14-million revitalization project, while about 70 will be removed.

The new trees for Bernard will be skyline honey locus, an adaptive, fast-growing deciduous tree that is cold-hardy and low maintenance.

Its canopy features fine leaves that filter light and is less of a barrier when looking outside from office or residential buildings.

It is seedless and drought-tolerant once established and adaptable to city environments.

For information about Kelowna’s trees, click on the Urban Forestry link at


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