Bid to bring B.C. Hockeyville title gets a bounty of political support

Hockey mom and premier of B.C., Christy Clark, is throwing her support behind West Kelowna in its bid for Kraft Hockeyville.

Self proclaimed hockey mom and premier of B.C., Christy Clark, is throwing her support behind West Kelowna in its bid for the title of  Kraft Hockeyville.

In a brief video clip outlining her support of West Kelowna—the last standing B.C. contender— Clark says the Okanagan community has faced challenging times, but hockey has been a constant.

“Hockey was one of those things that was always able to bridge the divide,” she said.

As to be expected, organizers of West Kelowna’s Hockeyville effort were pleased with the endorsement.

“This isn’t just any ‘Go West Kelowna’ thumbs up clip,” said West Kelowna Kraft Hockeyville Co-Chair, Adam Less.

In this video, Premier Clark’s impassioned appeal embodies the passion and pride we’ve tried to demonstrate throughout our entire campaign. We were nearly in tears watching it.”

Co-Chair, Andrew Deans agreed, saying Clark “captures the absolute essence of our campaign and what Kraft Hockeyville and community pride is all about.”

With just hours remaining until Tuesday’s 9 p.m. deadline, campaign organizers are encouraging everyone to go hard voting for the balance of the voting window.

Stirling, Ontario’s campaign, West Kelowna’s main competition, is mounting a tough bid and the local West Kelowna Hockeyville committee reminds all voters that this year’s final stretch will be a horse race to the finish.

“It’s going to be a close finish and could literally come down to a few thousand votes,” said Less. “Every vote will count in this one. As we’ve said before, and it’s never been truer than right now, your most important votes aren’t your last ten, they’re your next ten.”

To vote for West Kelowna, vote online at By phone, voters can also vote toll free at 1-866-533-8066. Voting is unlimited. Anyone, anywhere can vote as often as they like.

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