Big bucks going to more than ever at Kelowna city hall these days

Annual list of those earning more than $75,000 per year has 33 more names on it this year than it did in 2013.

More Kelowna city employees then ever are receiving total remuneration of more than $75,000 per year now.

This year 289 city workers, from the city’s top paid bureaucrat, city manager Ron Mattiussi ($259,000) right on down to a licensing and bylaw enforcement officer who just squeaked onto this year’s list at $75,001.

Last year, 256 city workers received total remuneration of $75,000 or more in the preceding year.

The figures include salary plus any additional amounts, such as paid-out vacation time, overtime and other pay.

According to the 2014 city remuneration report, which under B.C law must be made public every year before the end of June, a large number of city firefighters now receive more than $75,000 per year. That is, in part, thanks to a provincially mandated arbitration settlement that awarded firefighters across hikes of three per cent for both 2010 and 2011. Those amounts were paid out last year because of that are reflected in the totals for 108 members of the Kelonwa Fire Department  who made this year’s list.

Regular unionized city workers received a pay hike of 1.5 per cent last year as part of their existing labour contract.

A total of 71 of the 108 firefighters on the list received totals of more than $100,000 lin 2013 and, ironically, one platoon captain even made more than his boss, fire chief Jeff Carlisle.($137,000)

For 2014, the list was spit into three sections, management, firefighters and regular city workers represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

In addition to the 108 firefighters on the list, there were 102 managers and 79 CUPE-represented workers.

As expected, Mattiussi received the largest amount. He also wracked more than $19,000 in expenses. Deputy city manager Paul Macklem was second on the list, receiving $196,000, community services general manager John Vos received a total of $192,000 and business development director Jim Paterson received $170,000.

Meanwhile, on council, Mayor Walter Gray  received $62,034 in taxable remuneration in 2013 and another $29,717 that was non-taxable for a total of $91,751. He listed $11,763 in expenses.

His councillors received just over $21,000 each in taxable remuneration and another $10,500 in non-table remuneration for total of just over $31,000 each. Unlike the mayor, their jobs are considered part-time.

Coun. Maxine DeHart was by far the biggest claimer of expenses, notching $6,297 in 2013, while the second highest expense claimant was Coun. Robert Hobson with $3,018. Hobson is also chairman of the Okanagan Regional District and a member of the B.C. Municipal Finance Authority.

Two councillors, Andre Blanleil and Gerry Zimmermann, did not report any expenses last year.

The list of who more than $75,000 at the city is a public document and is available from city hall.





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