Enjoying a spring ski. - Image Credit: Facebook/Murray Gaffney

Enjoying a spring ski. - Image Credit: Facebook/Murray Gaffney

Big White hits 300 centimetres

A little calculation shows about 3,508,535,525,880,000 snowflakes would have fallen at Big White this season

  • Apr. 7, 2017 11:20 a.m.

Big White Ski Resort is celebrating a milestone today as they officially hit a snow base of 300 centimetres.

“As you know, the motto of Big White Ski Resort is, “It’s The Snow” and it’s obvious that snow is our natural advantage. It actually doesn’t stop snowing!” says Big White senior vice president Michael J. Ballingall.

“We can expect snow to fall every month of the year at beautiful Big White Ski Resort.”

The Big White team decided to do a little math to show what 300 centimetres of snow really means.

Ballingall says president and CEO Peter Plimmer got out his calculator last night in the anticipation of hitting a 300cm base today.

Here are the numbers provided by Big White.

The resort is 7,355 acres which translates to 29,764,630 square metres.

Each one of those metre sections is now three metres deep which amounts to 89,293,890 cubic metres of snow.

Just over 89 million cubic metres of snow weighs approximately 71,435,112,000 kilograms or 157,157,246,400 pounds.

Statistics show that a pound of snow contains about 22,325 snowflakes.

So 157,157,246,400 pounds times 22,325 snowflakes equals – 3,508,535,525,880,000 snowflakes.

“3,508,535,525,880,000 snowflakes would had fallen at Big White when we hit three metres!” adds Ballingall.

“Mike Drop!”

The ski resort remains open this spring and is expected to be quite the party this weekend as the resort celebrates Peak Pride.