‘Boat’ design fitting for new yacht club

A glimpse into the future of Kelowna’s waterfront is now available.

A glimpse into the future of Kelowna’s waterfront is now available.

Kelowna Yacht Club representatives revealed Wednesday the Meiklejohn Architects proposal which they believe to be the best of three designs put forward by local architects.

“It’s quite unique—it has a nautical theme to it,” said Jim Kay the club’s general manager. “It’s designed to look like a large boat.”

While the creative tack of the artistic architectural rendering was a hit with the club’s selection committee, Kay explained there were a number of other factors that went into the decision process, such as general functionality and the floor plan.

It was the latter two reasons that led the selection committee to choose the Meiklejohn offering, and make a move contrary to the opinion of a number of the club’s members who voted for another design.

Approximately 13 per cent of the 1,000-plus club members voted on the renderings and 49 per cent of the votes cast were for an alternative design.

Departure from the voters’ opinion isn’t anticipated to be a problem, Kay said, as the new design will ultimately amount to a much grander version of the Kelowna Yacht Club than the current waterfront building.

“We’re hoping it’s going to be a landmark piece in the community,” said Kay. “We want to maintain consistency with what’s around us and visual appeal from all four sides of the building.”

The new design is also roughly three times the size of the existing building, which was built in 1945.

“It’s tired and old,” he said. “The new building will be state of the art, with lots of appeal and functionality.”

Also unique will be the public component added to the new clubhouse. “There’s going to be a public restaurant people can enjoy, and we are going to an open banquet and meeting spaces for the public.”

The new building will be built where the Water Street Seniors Centre sits today, and the old building will be bulldozed to make way for the eventual phase 2 of Stuart Park. To see a picture go to Kelownayachtclub.com.


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