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Boil Water Notice in West Kelowna

Notice issued for parts of Lakeview-Rose Valley Service Area

Increased turbidity in the water supply has caused the City of West Kelowna to issue a Boil Water Notice in the Lakeview-Rose Valley area on March 25.

The specific area affected is within the Lakeview Heights neighbourhood, generally bordered by Thacker Drive/King Road in the south, Collens Hill, Lakeridge and Weatherhill Roads to the east, Stuart Road to the north and Boucherie Road to the west.

Those under notice are asked to bring water used for things like drinking, brushing teeth and washing fruits and vegetables to a rolling boil for at least one minute before using.

Alternatively, residents can fill bottles with clean water from the filling station located at Shannon Lake and Asquith Roads.

The cause of the turbidity, which affects the performance of the chlorine disinfection process, is unknown. A release from the City of Kelowna does, however, say that such spikes can be caused by unauthorized hydrant use, which can result in fines starting at $1,000 per offense plus the cost of water quality mitigation.

The time period for the notice to be in effect is unspecified, though residents will be informed via the city’s e-news service when it is rescinded. To receive alerts, residents can sign up at www.westkelownacity.ca/subscribe.

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