Bottoms up: Okanagan farm looks to making apple vodka

Kelowna City Council threw their support behind an application to create an apple vodka distillery.

Another opportunity to drink the fruits of this valley may be around the corner.

Council threw their support behind an application destined for the Agricultural Land Commission, from Blair and Kelly Wilson.

If the Wilsons get the go-ahead from the ALC, they intend to create an apple vodka distillery and tasting room on their Wallace Hill Road property.

The size of the tasting room would be roughly 125 square metres, and would showcase the centre of the operation.

The booze-making still would be approximately 12-feet high, and  visible to the tasting room from behind a glass wall.  The whole project would be slotted in with the RV camp sites already on the property.

“I read this application with a lot of interest, not because I’m a vodka drinker, but because I’ve never heard of apple vodka,” said Coun. Mohini Singh, during the Monday meeting.

Regardless, Singh said that she believes a value-added agricultural product is a welcome addition to the local tree-fruit industry.

Mayor Walter Gray pointed out that it’s not the first time that apple growers have tried to make something more drinkable from their apples.

Pasquale “Cap” Capozzi, and WAC Bennet made apple wine at Calona Vineyards, once upon a time. It wasn’t a critical success, but did lead to the creation of apple cider.

Kelowna Capital News