The suite on the side of a Burne Ave home suffered from water damage.

Burne Avenue residents won’t be caught off-guard

Locals are better prepared for the expected showers this evening

Residents are better prepared this time around as they gather sandbags around their homes on Burne Avenue.

Last week, by the time Carolyn Blondin could get sub pumps up and running, it was too late.

The suite on the side of her home suffered from water damage, and she had to remove the drywall and laminate flooring.

She said should couldn’t get flooding insurance for her suite and she doesn’t think the province will cover her, as it isn’t registered as her primary residence.

Blondin is better prepared this time, with heaps of sandbags lining around her home and property.

At around 3:30 p.m. the Mill Creek waters had not risen past the banks.

To stay updated on the Burne Avenue flooding situation, check back to the Captial News as the evening progresses.