Some of the 40 I Like Mike signs recovered from a lawn of a house on Barber Road off Highway 33.

Canadiate finds some of his stolen signs

Forty of B.C. Conservative candidate Mike McLoughlin's I Like Mike signs have been found on a lawn in Rutland— part of a birthday joke.

Kelowna-Mission B.C. Conservative candidate Mike McLaughlin has found 40 of his missing I Like Mike signs.

They were decorating the front yard of a Rutland house belonging to another guy named Mike.

According to McLaughlin, he received a call Saturday saying some of his signs were in the front yard of a house in Rutland. When he went to the address on Barber Road, off Highway 33, he discovered 40 of his signs adorning the lawn, some with balloons attached, and toilet paper draped over nearby trees.

“I called the RCMP to report the find,” said McLaughlin. “They sent an officer out to talk to the residents. Turns out there is a fellow living there whose name is Mike and who was celebrating a 40th birthday. When he got up at 5:30 a.m. there were 40 signs on his front lawn.”

As first reported in the Capital News, McLaughlin said about 100 of the I Like Mike signs had gone missing in the first two weeks of the election campaign. He estimated the value at about $1,300.

Determined to find out where the signs were going, he event attached a cell phone with a GPS tracking device to one in a bid to turn it into a “bait” sign.

Last week, his first attempt with that plan failed when the wind blew the sign with the cell phone attached over, sending him a message it had been moved. When he raced to the location, he discovered Mother Nature, not thieves, were responsible.

On Friday, someone did take the bait sign and McLaughlin went with a camera crew from Global Okanagan to a location Gallagher’s Canyon golf course to investigate.

It was after that story was broadcast later in the day that he received the tip about the signs on the lawn in Rutland, he said.

In the end, McLaughlin was philosophical about the signs that ended up on the birthday boy’s law,

“All’s well that ends well in my sign saga,” he said. “(The other Mike) had some fun at my expense and I got my signs back.”

So far, there has been no word about the rest of the missing signs.