Candidate Mike Trenn advocates public participation theme

District of West Kelowna: Trenn, Mike - councillor candidate

  • Oct. 8, 2014 1:00 p.m.

Mike Trenn will  run for West Kelowna council in the upcoming municipal election on Nov. 15   .

Born and raised in Kelowna, Trenn has experienced both farm and city life as family had an orchard before moving into Kelowna.

Trenn has lived in West Kelowna/Westbank with his wife Carol, for the past 11  years.

Trenn has participated extensively in the community, first as president of Westbank and District Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Economic Development Commission, a number of community committees and currently president of the West Kelowna Residents Association.

As a result Trenn says he brings a great deal of experience, vision and leadership to the community.

He is a believer in a strong and vibrant neighbourhoods,  what he calls the heart and soul of a dynamic community.

He is proud of sharing a Town Hall Forum in March with other associations, to raise awareness of opportunities and issues in our neighbourhoods.

Trenn says he has come to appreciate the passion that residents have for their neighbourhoods.

Going forward, Trenn believes that decisions are improved by engaging citizens and other stakeholder groups.

Advocates the principles guiding public participation activities conducted by the district through Inclusiveness, transparency, access, respect, and honesty. The basis of the public participation framework is to inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower.

His campaign themes will be:

Vision and Planning – applying the principles of public participation effectively and consistently.

Economic Development and Taxes – taking pressure for taxation off neighbourhood densification, by implementing opportunities for commercial enterprise.

Liveability – Planning and connectivity of designated corridors, will improve our community needs for economic development. governance with enforcement of bylaws.

Trenn brings his strong financial background as financial consultant in planning and investments, risk management, project management, logistics and production analysis, to bear on the variety of decisions councillors are asked to make.

“I believe that West Kelowna can reach it’s potential with common sense, innovative solutions, to pressing decisions that we are facing in the next four years,” he says.

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