UBCO is widening it options for sustainable transportation choices.

UBCO is widening it options for sustainable transportation choices.

Carshare initiative comes to Kelowna campus

UBC Okanagan welcomes another sustainable transportation option on campus.

  • Feb. 15, 2015 12:00 p.m.

UBC Okanagan’ efforts to improve access to more sustainable transportation choices that are available on campus are increasing.

OGO Car Share Co-op is bringing a vehicle to UBCO to help meet the various transportation needs on campus. This makes carsharing even more conveniently available to students, staff and faculty members at UBC Okanagan. A carshare vehicle is placed at a designated parking location at parking lot E, right next to the EME building, across from the transit exchange.

“We are very excited to bring one of our carshare vehicles directly to campus. This makes it even more convenient and accessible for students, staff and faculty members to use our service,” said Christian Brandt, executive director of OGO.

“This allows students living on or right next to campus to have affordable access to a vehicle when needed. Also for staff and faculty members who need to go to meetings in town or throughout the valley, access to carsharing will provide a convenient mobility option while still allowing them to get to work via alternative modes of transportation and hence reduce the parking pressure on campus.

“We’re pleased to welcome the OGO Car Share Co-op vehicle to campus,”said Michael Shakespeare, associate vice-president, finance and operations. “This is a great fit with our universal bus pass program for students, and complements car pooling, the UBCycles program, and other initiatives that enhance sustainable transportation options for our campus community.”

Brandt points out that carsharing makes occasional use of a vehicle affordable, while providing an incentive to minimize driving and rely on alternative travel options as much as possible.

This service is especially relevant for students who only need occasional access to a vehicle to do their weekly grocery shopping or explore the Okanagan. Members pay a small monthly administration fee to cover some of the fixed costs of the car, plus minimal usage fee by the hour and the kilometer.

The vehicle was generously sponsored by Academy Hill and has been parked at their residences since September 2014. By moving the vehicle to UBC Okanagan, OGO Car Share hopes to increase accessibility to the car and increase co-op membership among the UBCO community.


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