Central Okanagan regional parks to lose live-in caretakers

Live-in caretakers at seven regional parks to move out as of Dec. 1 ...

Popular parks around the Central Okanagan are about to be a little less occupied.

Live-in caretakers at seven regional parks have been asked to move out as of Dec. 1, and a security firm will pick up their late-night  duties.

“We made an operational decision to standardize our after-hours security program for seven parks, bringing it inline with what we’re currently providing in ten of our other regional parks,” said Bruce Smith, spokesperson for the Central Okanagan Regional District.

“Starting Dec. 1, the commissionaires will be providing security…Based on our experience the security that’s currently in place for the majority of our parks has been quite effective and we imagine it will be effective for the remaining seven.”

The seven parks where on-site security is about to come to an end are Woodhaven,  Reiswig, Kopje, Bertram Creek, Mission Creek, Scenic Canyon and Gellatly Heritage.

Smith couldn’t speak to how long the various in-residence security have occupied park housing, but said in some cases it was for “many years.”

He also said he wasn’t sure what would happen with the buildings those security staff called home.

“We are going to look at what we will do with those buildings, and the potential uses for them,” he said.  “They might provide additional opportunities for interpretation centres or staff work… will determine how they will be utilized once contractors move out.

Smith also couldn’t speak to whether there was a cost savings, with the new model.

“It’s about standardizing security for one group,” he said.