Central Okanagan school superintendent explains how strike impacts school year

The ministry of Education confirmed the following information with superintendents today.

  • Sep. 18, 2014 8:00 p.m.

Letter from Superintendent Hugh Gloster:

The ministry of Education confirmed the following information with superintendents today.

1. There are no plans to extend or add instructional days in this year. It is their expectation that school districts will be able to deliver their educational programs and meet all learning outcomes in the curriculum with the remaining school calendar time frame.

2. For secondary courses operating on a semester system, school districts have the option to equalize the length of the semesters and the Ministry of Education will provide a second set of provincial examination dates at the beginning of February to accommodate this option.

The remainder of the 2014.2015 provincial exam schedule will stay the same.

The impact of these Ministry decisions for the Central Okanagan School District includes.

1. The district calendar that was approved a the end of February, 2014 and is posted on our website remains in effect for the balance of the year. No changes are being made to holiday periods or other days when schools will not be in session.

2. Many schools may wish to make adjustments to their individual school calendars that were published at the end of March 2014. It is anticipated that there may need to be changes made to the dates for each term, as well as to the dates for report cards and parent-teacher interviews. If this is the case, school administrators will consult with their parents, staff and community regarding proposed changes.

3. Elementary schools will be contacting the parents of their kindergarten students with information about the plan for the gradual entry of these students.

4. Secondary schools will be adjusting the dates for the end of the first and the beginning of the second semesters to balance instructional time and to align with the new examination dates in February, 2015.

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