Challenge issued to keep Okanagan Rail Trail free of dog poop

Challenge issued to keep Okanagan Rail Trail free of dog poop

A Lake Country resident is challenging others to take extra bags with them

It’s that time of year again: dog poop season.

Now that the snow has melted, angry Lake Country residents have taken to Facebook to post their disgust about the amount of dog poop left along the Okanagan Rail Trail.

Karen John Mellor posted on a Lake Country community Facebook page, showing a few droppings along the rail trail and warning others to pick up after their dogs. The post gathered more than 40 comments.

Joanna Long posted that she will take up the no poop banner and issued a challenge.

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“If we all take extra grocery bags with us, and some extra poop bags, maybe we can keep our trails clean. I for sure will be doing this when I go,” she wrote. “It is sad we have to do this, however, all the complaining, shaming and confronting will not make much of a difference.”

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She challenged the community to take an extra bag during walks to keep the community clean.

“I got out with my dogs for a walk, and I thought, you know what, I’m just going to post, and I posted that and couldn’t believe the positive messages,” she said.

As a bus driver in the district, and now taking time off to deal with cancer treatments, she said she wants to organize a walk with the kids she used to give rides home to or even to include the community.

“I’d like to take it one step farther,” she said. “I made the joke, now every time you guys think of poop you’ll think of me.”

Long is organizing a dog-poop pickup event for her birthday, March 30, at 10 a.m. at the Woodsdale Road entrance to the rail trail.

Matt Vader, manager of strategic and support services manager with the district, commends the work of Long.

“We greatly appreciate the community recognizing their role in keeping facilities and parks clean,” he said. With roughly seven dog bag locations and garbages set along the trail in Lake Country, he said this does mean people have to carry it for a while.

He said the district will consider adding extra locations based on the needs of the community.

With the snow melt, Vader said this is likely occurrence to happen, and wouldn’t say it’s one property owner that’s responsible for the dog poop.

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