Chief Tomat Elementary students put on dancing shoes

Parents and teachers watched students from all grades show off their dance moves in the fifth annual Dance Celebration Assembly.

Dominick McLean and Makayla Kennedy

Dominick McLean and Makayla Kennedy

Students of Chief Tomat Elementary School proved they could dance to everything from Footloose to Gangnam Style Wednesday at the fifth annual Dance Celebration Assembly.

Students of every grade put on uniquely choreographed performances for parents, teachers and other students in the audience.

Kim Dennis, organizer of the assembly, said the idea started a few years ago when students wanted to show off the moves they had been learning in PE class.

“It’s one of our biggest assemblies of the year; it’s a lot of fun for everyone,” said Dennis.

She added dance is an important life skill.

“It’s very important for kids of all ages to get up, get moving and be active. Everybody is out and doing something—(it doesn’t) matter if it’s on the beat or not, it’s just a lot of fun.

“If they’re at a wedding or when they’re older and they go to high school, hopefully all these kids will feel OK to get up and dance.”


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