Chung says cut red tape for outside investment in West Kelowna

District of West Kelowna: Chung, Jerome-councillor candidate brings financial business background

  • Oct. 28, 2014 9:00 a.m.

1) What do you feel is the most significant issues facing West Kelowna and how would you suggest it be resolved?

Our city centre lacks identity. Businesses in the city core are hurting. DWK did have a revitalization plan for the city, but there is no time-line nor any concrete developments or incentives for landlords or business owners to create a unique environment. Ideas are plentiful, but would council take any risks for this revitalization? I believe we need to go back to the drawing board to find an identity for this heritage town centre first, and then design a model to fit the identity. Only then it can be a tourist attraction and/or a place that West Kelownian can be proud of.

2) What personal characteristics or background do you possess that make you an ideal candidate for council?

I’m cheerful, likeable, and helpful in personality and was raised as a God fearing person. As for my background, I have higher education as a professional in many areas such as economics, banking, accounting, system analyst, and over 34 years’ experience in small to mid-size businesses.

3) What is your vision for any future development of West Kelowna’s waterfront along Okanagan Lake?

Unlike Kelowna, our waterfront is limited in flat lands for any major development especially as a tourist hot spot. My vision is always to create sustainable jobs for the local entrepreneurs and artists to entertain tourists business. In the Okanagan, almost every city around the lake has waterfront activities to attract vacationers and passerby tourists. Why not West Kelowna? How to do it is an issue that risk taking council has to implement a viable waterfront through creative architectural designs for water activities with availability for other food, arts & crafts services for locals and tourists.

4) What can the District of West Kelowna do to attract more business investment to the community?

Like any new or growing city, DWK has to reduce and streamline unnecessary red tapes first to draw foreign investors from the big cities. Our climate and its environment will do its natural attraction. First of all, our infrastructure concerning electricity supplies, telecommunications, and water supply has to be addressed. They are outdated or need major improvements to accommodate such a development.

5) Why do you agree or disagree that a second bridge crossing of Okanagan Lake is important to the future of West Kelowna?

Building a bridge is not a difficult task these days where we have sophisticated engineering and equipment. Question is do we have the money and is it needed? If West Kelowna can create an urban city that is self-sustaining in all areas of services, facilities, and infrastructure and that most residents don’t need to cross the bridge to work or do business, a second bridge is not needed. However, if we fail to make DWK a viable urban city, but just a suburb of Kelowna, then yes, we need to consider a second bridge crossing for the commuters to the bigger city of Kelowna.


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