Cigarette likely behind fire at Kelowna Gospel Mission

Damage from the Friday fire is minor.

Lunch was delayed at Kelowna Gospel Mission after a small fire broke out Friday morning.

“Just before noon, our staff discovered a small fire in the wall…near the entrance,” said executive director Randy Benson.

Staff evacuated some 70 people who had arrived for the noon meal and put out the flames before the arrival of fire crews.

Fire officials believe a discarded cigarette may have been behind the fire.

“There was a small hole in the exterior wall of the building and they’re assuming someone put a cigarette in the hole,” said assistant fire chief Lou Wilde.

Fire crews did make the hole larger to ensure the flames were out and then used fans to clear the smoke out of the building.

In all, people were out of the Gospel Mission for approximately 45 minutes and damage to the wall is estimated at $1,000.




Kelowna Capital News