Swick Road water advisory.

Swick Road water advisory.

City issues water quality advisory

Kelowna issues advisory for 48 properties on the Swick Road water intake system

A Water Quality Advisory has been issued for approximately 48 properties on the Swick Road water intake system within the City of Kelowna water utility. This Water Quality Advisory alerts customers in this area of a modest health risk associated with consuming water. The following customers are affected:

•5851 – 5891 Lakeshore Road

•167 – 180 Rimrock Road

•164 – 168 Rimrock Court

•100 – 186 Timberline Road

•205 – 220 Ambridgefield Road

The advisory is due to elevated turbidity levels at the Swick Road water intake due to sediment material flowing into the lake. The advisory will remain in effect until further notice.

“Interior Health has been contacted and City staff continue to monitor the situation. We will also continue to provide updates for residents as they become available,” says Ed Hoppe, Water Quality & Customer Care Supervisor.


The Interior Health Authority makes the following recommendations during a Water Quality Advisory:

Who should take precaution:

· People with weakened immune systems or chronic illnesses

· People under 12 and over 65 years of age

· People wishing for additional protection

How to take precaution:

· Boil water for one minute, then store in clean covered containers in your

refrigerator. Be sure water is cool before drinking to avoid burns or scalds.

· Use filtered or distilled water

· Use an alternative water resource (e.g. bottled water)

Additional Information for Residents

For updates on the Water Quality Advisory or to e-Subscribe for updates, visit the City’s Drinking Water page at kelowna.ca/water.