City of Kelowna selects first artist-in-residence

City of Kelowna selects first artist-in-residence

Local artist Melany Nugent-Noble will be sharing her project beginning in early July

The City of Kelowna has selected its inaugural artist-in-residence.

Local artist Melany Nugent-Noble will be sharing her project When it is necessary to stand still beginning in early July, exploring this year’s theme of social inclusion.

“We’re very excited to have a municipal artist-in-residence program starting here in Kelowna,” said Christine McWillis, city cultural services manager. “This program is not only about giving local artists more professional opportunities, but also allowing an opportunity to connect with our community members in new and creative ways. We’re looking forward to seeing how projects like this open a new dialogue about local topics.”

The project will take place over a 12-week period starting July 7. It will include the build-out and programming of distance-detecting light beacons.

Through a series of 10, three-day activations, participating community members will take a beacon with them as they travel throughout the community. The beacons change in colour and light intensity as they detect other beacons coming closer.

When it is necessary to stand still is a project that aims to create feelings of community, curiosity and connection through art and technology, and I am excited to share it with the Kelowna community,” said Nugent-Noble.

She was selected from a plethora of applications from local artists of all disciplines including music, digital and electronic arts, performing arts, visual arts and literary arts. Applicants were encouraged to submit their creative projects. A selection panel made up of members of the creative sector, then reviewed the applications to select a final artist and project.

The artist-in-residence program is intended to broaden the community’s experience with arts and culture and stimulate thoughtful conversation on local topics.

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