Clock sets off the bomb alarm again in Lake Country

An alarm clock beeping in a package had Okanagan RCMP in Lake Country looking into another potential bomb case

  • Oct. 30, 2013 6:00 p.m.
In January

In January

A suspicious package had Okanagan RCMP members back on the bomb beat this morning, trying to track down whether the beeping postal workers heard in one package was a bomb.

Early this morning, RCMP members were called to the postal office at 3211 Berry Road to determine whether the beeping package was dangerous after postal workers noticed it while sorting mail.

“The employees moved the parcel to the outside rear of the post office prior to emergency services attending,” said a statement from Sgt. Wade Seversen, issued mid-morning.

After investigating the book-sized package, the officers determined it was simply an alarm clock, but Kelowna RCMP released the statement to remind anyone finding a suspicious package to clear the area and leave the parcel where it’s found in order to avoid setting off any explosives that could be inside.

There have been two car bombing incidents in Kelowna this year and an individual from West Kelowna was arrested trying to move a house full of bomb-making components to Lake Country. Orchard Park Mall was also evacuated after a suspicious note was left on a vehicle in the parking lot indicating there was a bomb inside the mall.


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